The iconic Turtle 2 Airvest from HELITE – a market leader worldwide and our best selling family of airbag vests. Equipped with class leading large volume airbags ranging from 17 litres to a staggering 27 litres in the largest size. Protection like no other.

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the largest volume airbags in very latest Turtle Technology, The HELITE Turtle 2 Black and Helite Turtle 2 Hi-Vis combines new levels of rider comfort and safety.   A tough shell on the outside is matched with a cushioning airbag on the inside.  CE certified to EN1621/2, the external back protector provides a larger distribution area, dissipating impact energy around the airbag, forming a protective life-cell for the rider.  Easy to slip on over leather or textile jackets and at just under 1.2 kg it feels light and airy.  The design allows freedom of movement on the bike.

Helite Turtle 2 Airvest is the latest update to the Helite Turtle Technology family, the world’s most popular airbag vest.  New features include a fully concealed canister, cleverly mirrored on the left front by a flap incorporating a small pocket.  In other detailed changes, the neckline is now trimmed with a soft neoprene collar, improving rider comfort.  New graphics deliver outstanding reflective performance and when twinned with the latest tailored fit, a flatter more compact profile.

Helite Turtle 2 airbag vests represent the defacto standard for quality and safety.  Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.  Turtle Technology (TT) has revolutionised air jacket safety by placing a cushioning cage between the tough CE certified EN1621/2 back protector and the rider.   This latest evolution from Helite improves yet again by dissipating impact forces more effectively than ever before.  Whether you ride in the city or in the country, street furniture, kerbs, street lighting and fencing all present a serious impact hazard.  The award winning Helite Turtle 2 design fully disperses impact across the airbag surface and the airbag itself forms a protective cage around the chest, ribs and vital organs.  There is significant improvement in protection against small, sharp, protruding objects and motorcycle parts.

The Helite Turtle 2 feels airy and free under the arms adapting easily to whichever style of jacket you wear; it has easily adjustable fastenings to ensure the perfect fit every time. This model is available in black and Hi Vis which really helps you stand out from the street scene.

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