Rental Policy

This policy governs the terms and conditions of you placing a rental order from our shop. By clicking ‘Accept’ you agree to these terms and conditions. If you disagree for any reason, please click ‘Cancel’.

Fair Use

Love Life and Ride Ltd provide air vest rental on a fair use basis, for personal use only.

Road Use Rentals

Road Use only rentals may only be used on roadworthy vehicles compliant with local legislation, and for commuting, social or pleasure riding. Road use rentals may not be used for hire and reward.

Track Day Rentals

Track day rentals may be used on roadworthy vehicles for travelling to and from the track event as well as on the track itself. Track use rentals include track day use and for use in ACU approved road racing.

Adventure Rentals

Adventure rentals may be used off road and require the prior written permission of Love Life and Ride Pty Ltd.


Love Life and Ride Pty Ltd provide air vest rental for personal use to individuals who accept the risks inherent in riding motorcycles on road, on track and off road. No air vest or body protector can prevent death or serious injury in certain incidents or racing situations.

Love Life and Ride Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for any bodily injury, death, property damage or associated loss arising that may occur whilst using any of our rental equipment.

Love Life and Ride Pty Ltd accept no responsibility or liability for the incorrect or improper installation or usage of any of its equipment.

All HELITE air bag garments are rigorously tested before being sold. However Love Life and Ride Pty Ltd cannot guarantee the air bag garment will inflate every time or be held responsible should it not.

Love Life and Ride Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible should the air bag garment not inflate.

The HELITE air bag garment protects only when inflated.

Any modification or misuse could lead to malfunction.

It is recommended not to wear any garment or backpack over the HELITE air bag garment.

Currently little data exists on the use of air bag garments by pregnant women. However we suggest that the HELITE air bag garment is not worn if you are pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant.


Selecting products from our shop and submitting payment details comprises an order from Love Life and Ride Ltd., to be supplied to you for your personal use.

Once we have received your order we will send you a confirmation email that includes details of what you have ordered and the price you will pay. Please note that your rental order is subject our stock availability, which may change due to circumstances beyond our control, including the late return of rental stock by other parties.


Payment is made via SagePay, our secure online Payment Services Provider. No financial information is ever stored on our servers.

Amending your order

Once payment has been made, it is not possible to add your order, but you may cancel. If you wish to purchase additional items, please create a new order. If you wish to cancel, follow the instructions in your order confirmation email. A separate order is required for each rental vest.

Deliveries and Shipping

Orders placed with us will be shipped to you as soon as possible. Once we have despatched your items we will email you with the details of the shipment and expected delivery date.


All goods remain the property of Love Life and Ride Pty Ltd throughout the rental period. Once your rental equipment has been delivered, responsibility for the insurance of your rental equipment transfers to you and remains so whilst the equipment is “On-Hire”. All items remain “On-Hire” until received back by Love Life and Ride Pty Ltd.


On booking a Security, Damage and Inflation Deposit may be taken. This deposit will be returned to you in full when all equipment is returned, excepting the circumstances listed here where the following deductions will be made:

Return of equipment

The prompt return of equipment following your rental is critical. Your equipment remains “On-Hire” until received back by Love Life and Ride, and will attract a daily charge equivalent to a full day’s rental for every 24 hours or part thereof the equipment is overdue.

We allow 3 working days grace to return equipment at the end of the hire period. Please remember that courier delivery will typically take 2 days. If equipment is overdue fees will begin to be charged from 5pm working day 4 for every following 24 hour period or part thereof.

All inclusions with the equipment must be present, including any manual, labels and accessories supplied.


We will refund any deposit taken in accordance with the policy outlined above. We regret that once we have despatched rental goods, it is not possible for us to amend your order and therefore if you return your equipment early, only the unused period of rental may be refunded.

Rental Period

The rental period begins from day one of being 'On Hire'. This may not be the day you receive your rental vest, as we will tend to ship the product to you before your track day or road trip. Please note that once signed for, your rental product remains your responsibility until it is received back safely by ourselves, and you are responsible for its safe keeping and safe return.

What happens if the vest inflates?

If riding on the road, please ensure that you report the incident to the Police and get an incident number. If you are riding on the track this is not necessary.

If the vest is inflated, we make the following charges. We need to inspect the vest for any potential damage, and for this we charge R500.00. We will charge you in full for any canisters that you have used. If we find any damage, we will draw up an estimated cost of repair or replacement and call you to discuss.

What happens if the vest is damaged?

If after our inspection we find damage, we will call you to discuss your contribution. Minor scuffs and scrapes that do not affect the performance of the vest are not charged for. Damage which is likely to affect the performance of the vest will be estimated and we will ask you to make a contribution toward the cost of the repair. Please note that you are liable for the total repair or total replacement (whichever is the cheaper option).

We do however take into account the circumstances in which the damage occurred and may choose to waive some of the cost. This decision is entirely ours.

Is the cost covered by my insurance?

Some motorcycle policies include helmet, glove and apparel cover. Please consult your insurance policy and broker for advice. Please note that this cover may not always include use on a track day or race meeting.

How much is a typical repair?

Repair costs vary from R1000.00 upwards. Our approach to repairs is pragmatic, to achieve a workable solution for the product and for you. We will provide a clear estimate for any repair needed before going ahead with the work.

What happens if the vest is a total loss?

We will ask you to contribute toward the cost of a replacement. Whilst we reserve the right to charge you the full amount, we always take the circumstances of any incident into account.

What happens if the vest is returned late?

All vests remain 'On Hire' until they are received and logged as 'Off Hire'. Please note that any late returns include the full daily hire fee for the type of riding declared, either road or track, and continues until the vest is returned and logged 'Off Hire'.

What if the vest goes missing?

All vests must be returned on or before the return date together with spare canisters, lanyard, instruction booklet and hex key. All must be in their supplied packaging. Any missing items will be charged at the full RRP.

What if I want to buy the vest?

We are able to offer the rental of our air vests for sale. Let us know before the end of your hire period and we can provide you with a quotation. We will refund one day of your rental from the RRP. This is not able to be combined with any other discount.

Our rental vests vary in age and condition. If we issue you with a new vest, we will price it accordingly as you will be the first person to have worn it from new. Other rental vests attract a deeper discount, in line with their age and condition.

Do ex-rental vests have a warranty?

All ex-rental vests have a minimum 12 month warranty, this can range up to the full 4 year manufacturer warranty if the product is new.

Can you deliver?

All rentals can be sent by courier to your home address. If you wish us to collect the vest at the end of the rental please book that service in advance. There is a small additional fee for this.

Please remember that it can take up to 7 days to return an item to us, and all items must be received back and logged as 'Off Hire' before the end of your agreed hire period.

Need to talk it through?

Please telephone us on +27 (0)82 303 6516.