HELITE CO2 Canister

HELITE CO2 replacement canisters

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Suitable for HELITE LANYARD Airbags Only


HELITE  airbag jackets and vests are designed to be re-set by you.  Carrying a spare CO2 canister provides redundancy in case of incident. The HELITE Lanyard trigger system uses a screw in CO2 canister – this is a proven and safe system. The canister must be screwed in fully; under no circumstances should the screw thread be visible. The bottom plug must also be fully engaged – a 5mm hex key and instruction booklet is supplied with the jacket.  Please check your canister size as they are matched to different sizes of airbag jackets and vests.

Canister Annual Safety Check

  • To ensure your canister is fully operational, visually check and weigh them on a regular basis. At a minimum, set yourself an annual reminder.
  • Reject any canister which shows signs of corrosion, deterioration or variation in the standard weight printed on the label. A modern set of digital kitchen scales is ideal for this task. Please dispose of these responsibly.
  • We recommend canisters are changed within their working lifespan to ensure reliable inflation.
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100cc, 60cc